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Everyone bets, have bet or will bet. Free bet and betting info.

All people are betting.
But first, let’s agree on the betting terms. What is a bet? It is an uncertain choice based on a series of objective and/or subjective. Nothing more, nothing less. Playing the trifecta on horses race is a kind of bet too, of course. Playing the lottery or any other game is a bet. Playing poker is also a bet or a series of complex bets. On the other hand, playing chess or a strategy game does not mean a bet. But this is about not a good way to play! Any choice based on data is a gamble. In fact, in practice, in life, any choice is a gamble. When you dress in the morning by looking at the clouds or feeling on the quality of the bottom of the air, you make a bet: if you think it will rain, you will dress accordingly. If you make the bet that it won’t rain, you’ll wear a beautiful sleeved shirt short and it would be better if the sky would prove you right! When you choose one checkout over another at the supermarket, when you choose a route when you buy shares on the stock market when you choose a dish at the restaurant etc. And by the way, there’s a good chance that you’re a fan of betting in your daily life: “I bet you this path is shorter”, “I bet you that the store is closed”, “I bet you she’ll say no”, “I bet you, that Doe will become a minister in the next government”, “I’ll tell you to bet he’s going to wear his houndstooth jacket,” “I bet you he’s still going to come up with a lame excuse.”

Nothing new about this, the history of betting is lost at the bottom of the ages. Anticipating the future, predicting it, glimpsing it, is for some people a challenge and a challenge. Sports betting have existed almost since the invention of the sport itself. In the case of the Greeks, already, the sport is financed by stadium admissions and betting. A specialist in ancient sport and professor has highlighted the intrinsic link between sport and money since ancient times. In Rome, the stars of circus games win a million sesterces. The checkers are transferred from one faction (so club or franchise) to the other. Betting money is financing this sports show whose development Herodotus himself. As you can see, we don’t invent anything by betting 1 euro on Nadal or Barcelona

Five good reasons to bet online on sports
1. By betting online on sports, you will have more chances of winnings than Lotto and other traditional scratch cards. The French people are fond of scratch cards. You should know that the French-woman of the Games pays back between 54.6 and 66% of the total bets with, depending on the games, from one in six to one in twenty-nine chances of winning a win that reimburses you for your bet. I would like you to know that PMU only pays back about 72% of the earnings. In sports betting, your chances of winning on a football match balanced are one in three (team 1 win, draw or team victory 2), your chances of winning on a match of balanced tennis are one in two (player 1 wins, player 2 wins). Significantly higher percentages, even in playing randomly! Finally, you should know that on average a bookmaker is required to pay at least 83% of the sums played (meaning 1,83-1,83 odds).
2. By betting online on sports, you will have a better chance of winning because you can rely on sports logic. Until proven otherwise, the 37-ball is no more likely to be shot than the 13-ball in the Lotto. Until proven otherwise, you buy scratch games without being able to choose them with knowledge of cause (unless the complacent tobacconist allows you to scratch before paying!). When you bet on Manchester City in the Eglish Premier League, you know who you’re betting on and you can gather objective elements allowing you to make your decision. The chance is weighted by the sporting logic, which increases your chances of winning and increases your decision-making power.
3. By betting online on the sport, you will have more choices than at Sports lotto or traditional football lotto. You can bet on a multitude of sports, competitions, events; you can bet on the result of a match or on the action (the scorer, the number of goals scored etc.). This range of choices will give even more weight to your knowledge and statistics, which automatically increases your chances of winning. Free bets are available from bookmakers more often.
4. By betting online on sports, you will be more active than in the Lotto or traditional Sports Lotto. You can bet at any time, one year before the event, two weeks before, one minute before and sometimes even during the game! We can now bet on live on some games. You will have plenty of time to see if your team is in shape or not before placing your bet. An advantage on any other form of play.
5. By betting online on sports, you will enjoy more comfort and have more fun. Fill in a grid or scratch a ticket on a counter corner can be fun, but not always comfortable. By betting online, you can bet from home or from a friend, in the evening, in the afternoon, whenever you want, between the pear and the cheese and without the need for change in your pocket. In addition, your pleasure will be extended: scratching a game takes a few seconds; betting 1 euro on a match and following it will give you strong sensations for an hour and a half!

My first bet step-by-step
Some preconditions must be met: to have over 18 years of age (you will need to provide a photocopy of your identity document under penalty of seeing the bookmaker block your account) and a card National Identity Registry currently in force. You will also need an account bank supplied, it goes without saying. The registration form is essentially the same as for the is registered on this or that site. It is of course oriented towards concerns security related (your age, password etc.) and to utility questions (address, phone etc.). You can start playing, but you won’t be able to access all of the services and collect your winnings only after having received by mail a personal code that will allow you to validate your registration.

But from now on you can make a deposit and play.
You will not be able to credit your account with less than 10 euros with almost any bookmaker. If you enjoy having a free cash bonus which is better than any free bet offer you should follow all steps written.  With your account credited, you can start your first bet. You’ve decided to bet on League 1 football. Nothing could be easier, just click on “League 1” in the football section of the left column. A page appears then, proposing matches and odd numbers. As you will notice, a window appeared at the screen: this is my bet ticket. You can see the rating on which I am standing. just clicked. Be careful, that doesn’t mean I bet. These are the following just a selection. A “bet” box allows me to enter “blank”. any bet whatsoever. The bookmaker then shows the possible gain. If I then click on the “Bet Now” banner, the bet will be actually recorded and the amount deducted from my account in a way that irreversible.

The date and time of the bet are specified on the screen, as well as the free bet reference. In case of a dispute between you and the bookmaker, this reference number will speed up the processing of your question or request. your request. The “simple” mention indicates that it is a bet on an event taken before the beginning of the meeting. The competition is recalled in bold just below the sport concerned. My bet is indicated below again. The bet is then indicated, identifiable by the acronym attached to it, followed by the rating and the expectation of winning, which is the odds multiplied by the stake. A “print” icon indicates that you can print with a single click this information. Once you have placed your first bet and verified that it has been placed been taken by the bookie, all you have to do is follow the match or wait and do something else. Pushed by curiosity, you will probably find out if you’ve won. All you need is yourself go to the “Completed” sub-section under the heading “My bets”. The date and time of the bet are recalled, as well as the reference.

The type of bet is indicated: “Simple” for bets on a sporting event taken before the start of the match (pre-game event), “Live” for bets taken during the match. The competition is recalled in bold, just below the sport concerned. My bet is indicated is under again. If it matches my bet, it means I won. If it doesn’t match, I lost. The bet is followed by the € sign, which distinguishes it from the odds on the adjacent column. Finally, the last column is not the potential winnings but the actual winnings, indicated if the bet is won. If nothing is indicated, it means that the bet is lost. Just add the numbers in the betting column and compare them to the sum of the winnings column to see if my day was positive. This is the case here. The bookmaker then automatically credits your winnings to your account, which appears on the home page. He can credit you in a few seconds or take several tens of minutes. It all depends on the volume of business to be done. You know almost everything. what you couldn’t ignore!

The hardest part starts here. Why does Chelsea have a rating of 1.95? How to do it calculates this rating (odd)? Do I always want to bet on the favorites? Is there a martingale? Which expert to listen to? On which sport to bet? How much do I have to bet on each free bet? What if I lose? What to do if I win? If these questions burn your lips, the answers may be waiting for you in the future. How much do you bet? What will be your stake? If you want to play at the best odds bookmaker, you should try Pinnacle.